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Music and Games

Kiirlas, Mar 19, 13 1:31 PM.
A few Forums that have seen some great activity in the past few days. Its great to see, don't be shy its a lot of fun to see what we have in common and maybe get groups together in games that let us co-op just for the heck of it =) and of course, you might discover an artist you never knew you liked. =)

Inner Geek!

Kiirlas, Feb 26, 13 5:54 PM.
Thread to put up any game you enjoy that may or may not be an MMO. Show us all your inner Geek proudly!

Forum for Game Equipment up!

Kiirlas, Feb 26, 13 5:17 PM.
New Thread up for everyone to put up their favorite game equipment for mice, keyboards and so one. Help fellow Guild members gear up or upgrade with your advice!

Rules and Regs are UP!

Kiirlas, Feb 20, 13 1:39 PM.
Go over to the Forum read and reply so I knows you've read them! Dooo ITT! so I dun have to send the Pink Panty Emperor on you!!! Remember they are still under construction. =)

Icon request thread!

Ruydis, Feb 16, 13 6:05 PM.
If anyone wants an icon made up, just go post in the request thread in the general forum.
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Welcome to <Anima et Morte>!!! We are an Imperial guild on SWTOR's Jedi Covenant server. We are a friendly and helpful guild that caters to many different aspects of the game including progression OPS, PVP, datacron hunts, etc.

The majority of our core members are active most days of the week, both morning and evening; including officers.  There is always someone available to run every aspect that SWTOR has to offer, from Leveling, Flash Points, PVP, to Hard Modes and Operations, or to answer questions about gearing up, or just about anything else. Special Events and Operations are listed on the calendar and to attend all you have to do is click on the day of the event to sign up.

All times displayed are EST.
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